Reiki 1 & 2 Training in February & March 2020 with Wendy

Natural Lift Facial Massage



While you relax on the treatment table, you will experience a relaxing and rejuvenating  massage that uses techniques drawn from both Indian and Japanese facial massage.

This is a completely natural treatment that does not use needles, equipment or gadgets - the therapist will use creams and oils as appropriate during this holistic treatment. 

The massage incorporates the head, face, neck and shoulders and takes approximately 30 minutes. Benefits can be felt after the first treatment. For optimum results a course of a minimum of four weeks is recommended.



The techniques used in this facial massage treat the surface and deep facial tissue which can release stress and tension from the muscles in the face, neck and shoulders.

  • Increases blood circulation
  • Releases toxins through improved lymphatic flow
  • Helps strengthen and tone the muscle  to prevent sagging
  • Balances the condition of the skin to minimise ageing and improve the health and appearance of the skin



We feel better when we are in balance, physically, mentally and spiritually.

 Massage can help to provide benefits to the physical function and appearance of the body.

 Massage can also provide a deep relaxation that is beneficial to the mind and provide a stress free quiet time from the day. 

Facial massage works on the upper chakras in the crown, brow and throat which helps to clear energy blockages and allow the body to self heal.



After a massage your body will start to eliminate toxins as it self-heals. 

For the maximum benefit from the treatment it is recommended that you increase your water intake and make time to relax.

 It will also be beneficial to try to cut down on smoking, drinking caffeine or alcohol.



Our skin is the largest organ in the body and acts as a protection to help prevent damage from the external environment.

 However, we choose to do it, we should care for our skin and respect the major role that it has.

Massage is one way to care and respect our skin.




Combine your facial with a Reiki treatment for the ultimate relaxation experience. 

Facial massage works on the crown, brow and throat chakras -  Reiki  will work on the heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakras to help clear energy blockages in other parts of the body.

30 minute Natural Lift Facial Massage followed by a 20 minute Reiki healing for only £30.