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Kids/Teens Reiki


Reiki is a very simple technique for children and teenagers to learn and can help them to manage emotions and find balance.

Our classes offer a fun and interesting experience for children to learn about Reiki healing energy through different activities and craft making.


Kids/Teens Session

Offering something different for kids and teens. 

Learn about Reiki, what it is and how to use it. Practise breathing and meditation techniques, mindful activities and make art/craft items. 

Sessions will be fun and interactive where kids will learn the origins of Reiki and why it will help them. Children have a natural curiosity and are open to working with energy.

4 Hours. Cost is £45 per child.

Parents/carers can arrange for  joint Reiki Level 1 Training with their child/children where they can complete the course together. Get in touch for prices.


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